Staying Connected While Moving Forward

We can’t always be with our loved ones: busy lives, distance and other factors often prevent families from being able to spend time together. It’s important to have ways to stay in touch and check in with one another.


According the the PEW Research Center, seniors aged 65 and older are the fastest growing population on Facebook. 69% of Americans are on Facebook, so it’s a great way to share photos, updates and videos with friends and family members. You can even engage in a group video chat!

Reconnecting with friends, family members, and classmates is as easy as searching for their name and profile and clicking “Add Friend.” You can also join Facebook groups to search for local events.



FaceTime is an audio and video chat application on Mac iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPads and Macintosh computers. Having a FaceTime chat is about as easy as making a phone call, and is a great way to either have live chats or record a video message for a loved one. It’s a popular and easy to use way to be face to face when you can’t be in the same room. 

Skype Or Zoom

Skype is an application to engage in video chats, voice calls, and instant messaging. Another similar application is Zoom, with some key differences. For example, Skype supports calls with up to 50 participants, while Zoom supports 100. Explore both to see which is easier to use.

Google Hangouts

Similar to Skype and Zoom, Google Hangouts allows messaging, video calls and audio calls. The great thing about this particular app is that it’s easily accessible for those who may already have a Google account…and many people do! It’s available right in your internet browser or can be downloaded as a mobile app and used on your phone. 

Plan A Regularly Scheduled Meal

For face to face meetings, sometimes it’s easier to commit to a specially planned, regularly scheduled meal together. Try planning a recurring Sunday Dinner with friends and family, or a monthly movie outing. Having a regular connection enhances everyone’s lives: we are made to connect!

Take A Walk

Plan a walk with a friend or family member! Explore the paths at Okalee or any of the nearby parks and trail systems, such as the trail at Baker Park Reserve

We need to connect as humans. Thankfully, even though the world is as busy as ever, there are an abundance of ways to be together both virtually and physically to improve our health and happiness. 

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